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Ad Tech Glue Gun

This lowtemp gluing gun is perfect for small projects or set up in your home as a safe and reliable gluing tool. It comes with a pack of blue trigger sticks, which are great for attaching photos or labels to items.

Adtech Pro 200 Hot Melt Glue Gun

The adtech pro 200 hot melt glue gun is a great option for those who want to create detailed and smooth glued products. This glue gun is able to create a high degree of accuracy and consistency when it comes to glueing products. Additionally, the glue gun is also easy to use and can be easily managed.

Adtech 0189 Pro 200 Industrial Glue Gun

The hi temp mini glue gun pink is a high quality glue gun that is designed for use in industrial and engineering applications. This glue gun is easy to use and will help to achieve the perfect glue jobs on materials quickly and effectively. the ad tech pro 200 glue gun is the perfect tool for ad tech artists and professionals who need to fix or prepare videos and images. The dual-temp precision 2-temp glue gun ensures perfect glued videos and images. the ad-tech glue gun is a low-temp, mini-glue gun that comes with blue trigger sticks and white pack. This gun is perfect for putting on products that need to be glued or pack. the hi temp pink glue gun is perfect for ad tech designing and will cause your parts to glue better! The glue gun is small enough to fit into a nip ad tech mini size 10 watt arts toolkit. It will also help create nips and arts quickly and easily.