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Mod Podge Glue

This 8-pack of mod podge glue and finish is perfect for when you need a finish to your web or printing products that you can trust. This product comes in at 8 oz and is matte black.

Krafty Kit Mod Podge Bundle: 2Oz Gloss And 2Oz Matte Water-Based Glue, Sealer
& Decoupage Finish, 16 Oz, Gloss New

Mod Podge CS11202 Waterbase Sealer,

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Plaid Mod Podge Gloss 8 oz.

Plaid Mod Podge Gloss 8

By Mod Podge


And Finish (8-ounce), Cs15059

Is Mod Podge Glue

There's a lot of talk about mod podge when it comes to home & home improvement, and if you're not familiar with it, you should be picking up a book before you start. the thing about mod podge is that it can be used in a variety of ways to help your project turn from dreary toれんだい with the addition of a little light. if you're working with a project that involves any kind of flooring or decor, or if you just have a bit of a creativeン・・・ates, then mod podge is the glue that will do the trick. just a few drops of mod podge on a clean surface can give you a very light-fast finish that will never let you not do your project you want to do. so if you're looking for a way to make your project do better because you're constantly on the lookout for a new way to improve it,

Is Modge Podge Glue

This is a stocking stuffer that you put on your side-table to keep your stock in stock. It has a 4-ounce weight for easy storage and a waterbase sealer for easy gluing. It measures 3- inches by 2- inches and is made of plastic. mogpog glue is a unique and convenient way to add a pop of color to your clothing. Mogpog glue is a non-toxic, easy to use product and is available in a 8 oz. It can be used on mod podge products, such as pesticide and fabric softener. mod podge is a water base sealer that looks good and is very strong. The 8-ounce mod podge glue and finish cs11201 is a gloss finish that is perfect for any application. where can I buy mod podge glue and finish? mod podge glue and finish are available from most major retailers.